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Galeria de meechmunchie

  1. Journeys of an Excellent... 13 fotos
  2. Mummies and Their Cases 77 fotos
  3. Amarna 40 fotos
  4. Los Angeles County Museum of... 56 fotos
  5. San Diego Museum of Man: Redux 13 fotos
  6. Deconstructing an Antique... 8 fotos
  7. Haggen Museum, Stockton 14 fotos
  8. Rhode Island School of Design... 31 fotos
  9. Virgins and Crucifixions 23 fotos
  10. Brooklyn Museum 78 fotos
  11. Egyptian Museum, Cairo 46 fotos
  1. National Museum, Shanghai 34 fotos
  2. Stanford Cantor Museum 22 fotos
  3. Ningyo 41 fotos
  4. Zi Gong Dinosaur Quarry,... 16 fotos
  5. Jinsha Museum, Chengdu China 15 fotos
  6. Sanxingdui Museum, Sichuan... 53 fotos
  7. China is Not Orwellian 49 fotos
  8. Legion of Honor Museum 50 fotos
  9. Metropolitan Museum of Art 74 fotos
  10. Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum 36 fotos
  11. San Diego Museum of Man 19 fotos


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Canopic Jar of Kiya

Canopic Jar of Kiya por meechmunchie.
The basins of these jars belong to the secondary wife of Akhenaten, Kiya. It's been noted that the lids are ill fitting and that they may have been for someone else. Perhaps one of Akhenaten's daughters? Either way, they've been altered to have a uraeus on the forehead, and the original inscriptions have been filled in on the basins and recarved. Fortunately, the correction was rather haphazard, leaving enough of the original inlay slots for us to piece together the titles of Kiya, the previous owner.

Canopic Jar of Kiya, Side

Canopic Jar of Kiya, Side por meechmunchie.

Three of these beautiful jars are in Cairo. The only one with both eyes intact is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Damn you, Davies, you imperialist!

Plate 1: You are brought before the Lord of the West

Plate 1: You are brought before the Lord of the West por  meechmunchie.

The spirit is given feathers symbolizing truth by the symbol of the west. Before him is a pedestal with sacred oil upon it.
The second line reads, and this is a rough translation, "I came that you may know the lord of the west, the great god who is in the necropolis, justified."
In the second panel, a feline goddess, who seems to be called "The Beautiful One"

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