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Dwayne Goff

Dwayne Goff

High doses of caffeine can increase muscle power and endurance, researchers from Coventry University said in a news release.


The scientists said the work could have an impact on how caffeine is used in sports.


"A small increase in performance via caffeine could mean the difference between a gold medal in the Olympics and an also-ran", said lead researcher Dr. Rob James.


Caffeine is not currently listed by the World Anti-Doping Agency as a banned substance, according to a news release on the new study. Before 2004, there was a level of caffeine athletes could not exceed.


The study tested muscle use in mice at both maximal and sub-maximal levels. Maximal is efforts such as sprinting or weight lifting; sub-maximal covers everyday activity and sports at lower intensities.


A high does of caffeine boosted performance by about 6 percent during both types of activities. Researchers said that effect could be similar in people.

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Nadia Conner

Nadia Conner

The 2-year-old son of former NFL QB Randall Cunningham died on Tuesday after a woman found the child floating in a backyard hot tub.

Las Vegas police Lt. Dennis Flynn told the Las Vegas Review-Journal the death appeared to be an accident.

Cunningham was not home at the time of Christian Cunningham's death, the paper said, but was en route back to Las Vegas.

The former NFL QB is a pastor in Las Vegas. He played in the NFL for 16 season from 1985-2001.

-- Sean Leahy

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Rick Billings

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